Sioux City Adult Hockey

This is a Recreational Hockey League to get fellow guys/gals to play some organized Hockey and still go to work the next day!!!!


*Helmet (with chin strap)

*Elbow Pads



*Shin Pads


*Shoulder pads/Breezers are optional

 Locker Rooms:

*No Alcohol

*Please pick up after yourself

*Please Leave valuables at home or in vehicle (not responsible for lost or stolen items)


*5 min warm up (game is subject to start 5 min after posted times… example game set for 7pm puck should drop 7:05pm)

  • *3  15 min Periods

*1st & 2nd Period clock will only stop for Goals, Injuries, or Timeouts

*3rd Period clock will stops after the 10min mark upon ever puck freezes, out of play, penalties, or Time outs

*In case of an over time game (During Regular season) game will go to a 5 player shootout… if goes past 5 players continues till every player on team has shot and after all players of your team have shot… you will be allowed to start over)



*If Issued a Penalty player MUST server their penalty in the box and can only come back onto the ice when penalty is over or at the  end of a period/Game.

*If players Penalty is not fully served by end of regulation that player will not be allowed to take part in shootout.

*Refs have the right to EJECT players from game (If EJECTED for any reason player must leave ice and facility upon being removed.. and upon review may be subject to suspension without money back)

* Helmets MUST be strapped while on ice (If official sees unstrapped will give 1 warning then subject a Penalty)